Stories by Shahida Sweeney


Refine your action plan for blended learning

The concept of blended learning is taking centre stage for education. Universities are integrating formal education with channels that enable students to source content and instruction using digital or online media.

Jan 21 | Read more


Leverage big data: a practical guide

In a global economy, where information travels in nano-seconds, the potential of big data is taking centre stage. Here are some practical tips to manage your big data.

Jan 19 | Read more


IoT industry fails to build consumer trust

In a global rush to promote the Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, the industry is falling behind on building consumer trust, warns the US Federal Trade Commission’s privacy advocate, Edith Ramirez.

Jan 12 | Read more


Code Club arrives at Australian schools

Australian school children will get a chance to learn coding skills under a new program that taps into gamification and learning through exploration. This initiative relies on animation and interaction to make coding fun.

Dec 19 | Read more

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PCI: It’s Not Just for Card Companies Anymore

Companies and retailers that process credit and debit cards are required to implement the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ebook looks at why many now feel that this standard should also be implemented by companies that are not required to do so due to its many benefits.


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